Oral Hygiene Treatments

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We offer a number of oral hygiene treatments at Beach Dentists, from professional cleaning to guidance for the whole family on protecting your teeth and gums.

Our dental hygiene services are cost effective and are an excellent preventative measure for dental decay and gum disease.

Our experienced dental hygienist can professionally clean and scale your teeth to remove plaque. The hygienist will also safely apply fluoride to strengthen your teeth enamel against decay.

We also offer guidance about the optimal ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy, as well as demonstrating the correct brushing and flossing techniques and recommending food and drink to avoid.


Custom fitted mouthguards help reduce the risk of injuring teeth during sport or other activities. Our experienced dentists take an impression of your mouth and create a custom mouthguard that fits much better than a mouthguard bought in store.

At Beach Dentists, we also offer mouthguards for those who grind their teeth at night, snore loudly or suffer from sleep apnoea.

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